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Why settle for just qualitative subjective sometimes monotonous rock descriptions when you can measure and semi-quantify the stratigraphic mineraology for nearly the same cost?  Our XLogging™ service is the revolution in traditional wellsite "mudlogging".  Combined with traditional wellsite techniques, we combine 24-hour X-ray diffraction (XRD) data on site while drilling.  XLog™ defines the relative percent mineralogy per PDF ICDD Mineral Database standards.  Our proprietary software process interpolates XRD data into a foot by foot format that can be imported into any geologic or modeling software​.  Raw data integrity from each sample is maintained.

Bulk XRD example.jpeg

Wildcat Anadarko Basin XRD case study using 5 wells over a 20 mile section line.  XRD was used to define potential overlooked horizon mineralogy as well as locate the upper Arbuckle since LWD could not cross the top without losing circulation

So what is XLogging™?

  • Quantitative percent mineralogy of your wellbore while drilling

  • 1' step *.las and logs every 12-24 hours logs showing you formational boundaries and facies change

  • Measurable mineralogy changes in electrically ambigous intervals

  • Differentiate between swelling clays (smectites) versis non-swelling clays (kaolins, etc.) - important for completions and drilling

  • Increases understanding of porosity, permeability and general rock mechanics of oil/gas reservoir rocks

  • Increases completions output and horizontal drilling rate via mineral mapping

  • Increase confidence with staging and completions decisions

  • Inexpensive alternative to electronic logging suites to significantly reduce your AFE cost

  • Limit interpretive license and correlate with confidence with empirically derived mineralogy