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  • Williston
  • Green River - Washakie
  • Powder River
  • Denver-Julesburg
  • Uinta
  • Piceance
  • San Juan
  • Anadarko
  • Permian
  • Fort Worth
  • Gulf Coast
  • LA Basin

Our innovations include:

  • CHEMWD (chemistry while drilling): We drill, complete and produce wells using geochemical data alone (no e-logs) saving our clients millions of dollars.
  • XLOG (XRD while drilling): We use X-ray diffraction data and logs to measure wellbore mineralogy and rock mechanics to increase drilling efficiency and potential hydrocarbon production.
  • UBER (Unconventional Basin Exploration Recovery model - our patented geochemical modeling system): our propreitary geochemical model allows overview of any given petroleum system and provides a hydrocarbon "fingerprint" of potential problem zones as well as precise target(s) determinations throughout a given basin.

Operating Basins