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Company History

FGS is an exceptional story of perseverance, adaptation, and innovation.  In 2006, natural gas markets were booming.  Scott Field, founder and President, established Field Geo Services, Inc. - largely an answer for the need in quality geological consulting for the Piceance Basin​ tight gas production fields in western Colorado.

By 2008, FGS was remotely monitoring over 20 natural gas drilling rigs with four different operators within the basin.  By learning to interpret discreet drilling parameters such as pump pressures, torque and bit weight, integrating that data with lagged gas data, formation tops, casing points and TD depths were evaluated and determined with pinpoint accuracy.  What was unique to this process was that sample collection and analysis was absent and unecessary, essentially steamlining the infill production process.

The economic collapse of 2009 forced ​the company to retrench, as natural gas prices collapsed and production fields began shutting down. ​However, with change, comes opportunity and within six months, the company's work shifted to wildcat and basic wellsite mudlogging on oil & gas, coalbed methane and geothermal projects in Utah, New Mexico and Colorado. 

Scott Field started ​using the Direct Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (dq1000™) after meeting Don Hall with Fluid Inclusion Technologies (FIT) in 2012 at the Rocky Mountain AAPG section.  Both Mr. Hall and Mr. Field collaborated on the lead story featured in the February 2013 Newsletter of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.

2012 was also a year FGS aquired it's first BTX-II™ portable powder X-ray diffraction system which began field testing wellbore cuttings in the Piceance and DJ Basins.  FGS now owns several XRD systems for either field mobilization or lab-based analysis.  Currently, mass spectrometry gas detection and XRD systems are operating on nearly two dozen geosteering projects throughout North America with mass spectrometry being the primary gas detection system used by FGS. 

FGS is also integral in basin development​ working with both drilling and completions engineers to determine BHA optimization and optimal lateral frac staging using geochemical data that FGS aquires through its wellsite services.​ 

Our analysis techniques have been thoroughly researched for years and developed using real well scenerios in multiple basins.  These techniques are allowing operators to not only increase drilling efficiency and reduce operational costs, but ultimately increase recoverable hydrocarbons.​