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​​Remote Geologging (Natural Gas)

A Remote Geologger (RGL) provides an experienced field geologist to remotely monitor drilling and gas detection on multiple natrual gas ​​rigs at a significantly reduced cost.  Our geologists live in the basin area and make daily rig visits to inspect gas detector parameters and mud conditions.  Even though the RGL can remotely discuss TD scenerios, they can also be onsite with your company representative to determine any critical formation tops and casing points.  FGS has extensive experience with setting up and operating RGL programs throughout the Piceance Basin of western Colorado and the Fort Worth Basin in eastern Texas.

Has your drilling program switched?
From..."What are we drilling through?"
To more like..."Where are the formations coming in?"


What is RGL?

Remote geologging (RGL) is an operator driven solution for infill production fields where the central need shifts from collecting samples to determining formation tops and gas zones based on drilling and gas patterns over the region.  Experienced geologists are locally based and can monitor up to 8 rigs per employee at a greatly reduced price.  The geologist is available to be on location for critical zones as the contact between the company representative and the operator geologist.

The geologist can use any 3rd party gas detection system which ties into rig instrumentation or FGS can supply any number of gas detection systems at a reduced cost.  Final mudlogs and *.las files are then digitally generated with any additional drilling data.


Do You Need RGL?

  • Formation tops picked confidently
  • Reliable lagged gas data, both in *.las file format as well as a strip log
  • Concise and informative well and mud reports at the end of your well but do not need samples or sample descriptions